Welcome to MAHA, Your Cocopeat Partner for Year Round Supplies:

Our Cocopeat, also Known as Coirpith, Coir fibre pith, Coir Dust is made from Coconut Husk.

After Removing the Coconut, the Outer Shell Husk is Treated for Extraction of Fibre and the By Product is COCOPEAT.

This COCOPEAT material, We Wash, Treat(Calcium Nitrate or Customized Mixes) or Untreat, Process, Solar Dry, Filter, Sieve & then Compress it into Different Shapes, Pack/Palletize & Export.

Products We Manufacture and Can supply are :

Our Factory Is situated in Natham, Tamilnadu, South of India.

We make both Low Ec and High Ec Products.

The pH of our cocopeat is very suitable for all major plant growing.

Advantanges of our Cocopeat:

General USE of Cocopeat are: