Our Packages

Our Packages

Bulk Drums ( Barrels ). Food grade HM HDPE.

Glass Jars . 370 ml, 500 ml, 720 ml, 1000 ml, 1415 ml, 2000 ml

Tins ( Cans ). 3.1 , 5/1

Buckets / Pails. 5 litre, 7.5 litre, 10 litre, 15 litre, 20 litre.


Quality assurance systems are meticulously followed in every stage of the agricultural as well as the manufacturing process which are adherent to food safety and customer specifications. We are proactive in sticking to the quality standards as per the requirement of importing clients/countries

We believe in taste that stays

24 years of our history is as fresh and lively as our products. We’re greatly dutiful and conscientious to bringing quality vegetables and fruits to your dining table.

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